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A.F Mini (en)

The same beloved A.F
Now in mini version in pharmacies



  • NAME:

    A.F from the origin strain Apple Fritter (Category: T20 C4)

  • BRAND:

    VIBEZ by Green Boyz & Trichome


    T20 C4

  • Genetics:

    Origin strain: Apple Fritter, a cross of Animal Cookies and Sour Apple


    This strain produces high THC flowers, large and dense coloured in light green with purple touches, the flowers are rich in shiny trichomes and orange hairs.


    Limonene, Caryophyllene, Pinene, Myrcene (link to Terpens lab tests)


    A.F has a unique and rich Aromas and Flavours profile, the Gas aroma and the pungent fruity aroma characteristic of this Pheno awakens the senses at once and provides a unique flavour and aroma experience.

    The unique and careful Curing process that A.F goes through, like all of VIBEZ products, creates a final product that is both rich in aromas and flavors and provides a smooth and pleasant vaping/smoking experience.

    The Gas Flavours are well-known to those who have experienced the top strains in the legal North American markets.


    Consumers report that A.F is a balanced hybrid strain, suitable for use during the day and/or night when measured consumption will lead to an increase in creativity, energy and mood. With increased consumption the feeling tends to be more INDICA, a feeling of release and relaxation that spreads from the center of the head to the rest of the body while alleviating chronic pain and anxiety.

    We advise unexperienced patients to start with a gentle and measured dose.


    This Strain, like all VIBEZ products, is grown at TRICHOME’s indoor facility, one of the most advanced facilities in the world, by skilled and experienced staff under controlled conditions and in a unique and sterile environment, this care allows the plant to thrive and not be exposed to damage factors that may damage the product.

    This product is hand-picked, hang-dried and hand-trimmed. It is then sorted and hand-packed and fully monitored through all stages of growth.

    All post-harvest processes are carried out to the standard reserved for craft products and are carried out carefully, in order to reach the highest quality product without compromising on any stage of the process.


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