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Double-S Mini (en)

The same beloved Double-S
Now in mini version in pharmacies



  • Strain Name;

    Double – S

  • Brand:

    VIBEZ by Green-Boyz & Trichome

  • Category:

    T20 C4

  • Genetics:

    Origin Strain: Double Stuffed Sorbet, A cross of Dosidos and Sorbet

  • Breeder:

    Legacy Pheno’s by Manny (Green Boyz Genetics Brand)

  • Appearance:

    One of the Reasons why the DOUBLE S flower has won awards is first of all its unique appearance, it is a flower with a conical structure and light green purple colors with a mantle of orange hairs and a covering of white trichomes that creates the illusion of a “snowy” and mesmerizing flower.

  • Flavors and aroma:

    The taste and smell profile is of a sweet nature, many Patients report on a sweet tastes mixture of fruit candy/licorice with a noticeable touch of gas flavors and smells, the smell and taste are very noticeable and help create a delicious, unique and noticeable smoking/vaping experience.

    The size and structure of the impressive inflorescence and its compactness, alongside the unmistakable visibility of the trichomes, combined with the unique flavor profile and terpenes create an optimal consumption experience.

  • Effecst:

    This strain is defined as an indica strain (INDICA) but is nevertheless suitable for use throughout the day, when with increased use an effect more typical of indica strains will be felt and with balanced consumption there will be a tendency towards the hybrid.

    Due to the flavor profile, the strain can be suitable for patients who like to consume medical cannabis by vaping, the effect of the Double S is considered Medium to Strong.

    This strain variety has won several prestigious awards in Canada thanks to its genetic uniqueness, flavor profile and effect.


    This Strain, like all VIBEZ products, is grown at TRICHOME’s indoor facility, one of the most advanced facilities in the world, by skilled and experienced staff under controlled conditions and in a unique and sterile environment, this care allows the plant to thrive and not be exposed to damage factors that may damage the product.

    This product is hand-picked, hang-dried and hand-trimmed. It is then sorted and hand-packed and fully monitored through all stages of growth.

    All post-harvest processes are carried out to the standard reserved for craft products and are carried out carefully, in order to reach the highest quality product without compromising on any stage of the process.

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