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About Green Boyz

Green Boyz is a crafted cannabis company that came from the patients – community and from a vision to offer High quality Medical Cannabis products for patients in Israel and in every legal market on the globe.

We take no short cuts, we believe in A real high-quality product which it’s entire growing and post-harvest process is based on years of uncompromising knowledge and experience in any of the links in the growing and production process till it hits the market and purchased by the patient.

About the company

Green Boyz owns one of the largest Living Genetic archives in North America that includes over 240 exclusive different strains (Phenotypes), all collected over years and kept as living mothers and went through deep R&D process.

For each of the Cultivars in our collection, the Company holds a detailed and meticulous growing protocol based on at least 8 different R&D growing cycles that each Pheno went through.

The company has exclusive supply and collaborations Agreements with a variety of micro craft producers based on long-standing acquaintances and relationships with the team, all of whom have one common denominator – uncompromising quality of Cannabis.

Quality standards

  • All of our products are currently grown at Indoor Facilities and are being marketed in the above 20% THC category and meet the strictest quality requirements in the field) IMC GAP/GACP/EUGMP(.
  • Our products are grown on a strict process maintaining the cleanliness of the product and its natural characteristics with a minimum of external intervention.
  • Our products contain high percentages of active ingredients, including an average terpene concentration of over 3%, free of harmful substances, metals and other components that should not be in a proper Cannabis product. We always ensure our deep commitment to a quality product, free of chemicals and harmful substances that will provide the patient with the ultimate experience of use and the benefits he needs from this miraculous plant.