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G.S Leak

We bring you our new strain G.S LEAK from VIBES series based on apples&banans genetics

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Vibez is a joint brand of Green Boyz & Trichome, the brand is focused on bringing high quality crafted Cannabis.

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We are excited to present to you our second strain of the VIBEZ Brand by Green Boyz & Trichome

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A.F Mini

The same beloved A.F
Now in mini version in pharmacies

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Double-S Mini

The same beloved Double-S
Now in mini version in pharmacies

שקית של המוצר A.F קופסא של המוצר A.F

What we consider as crafted cannabis

  • Cannabis grown in a facility whose annual output does not exceed 10 tons.
  • In the post-harvest process, the product was hang-dried, which helps preserve the flavors, smells, aromas and other active ingredients in the product.
  • Flowers are Hand-trimmed and not any automatic process.
  • A product packed manually only with careful sorting of each flower.

Who Are we?

Green Boyz is a crafted cannabis company that came from the patients – community and from a vision to offer High quality Medical Cannabis products for patients in Israel and in every legal market on the globe.

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Controlled Substances- Dangerous Drug

The company's products are only for licensed medical cannabis patients for medical use only. The product must be kept out of the reach of children and/or those who are not authorized to use it.

Any more questions?

For any question or request, we are at your disposal