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Genetic Archive

Green Boyz holds one of the largest Living-Genetics Collections in North America (some may say in the world) which includes over 240 living mothers of Exclusive different Phenotypes (strains), all collected and/or breaded during long years.

For each of the Strains the Company maintains a detailed and meticulous Protocol, based on at least 8 different breeding and R&D cycles that each genetic had gone through.

The company is in the process of of selected Phenos from its genetic collection in Israel as well, and after completing the adaptation stage (to the facilities and local conditions), we’re expected to start marketing products from our own Genetics, all processes which will be managed and carried in collaboration with our local partners and Mr. Manny da Silva – our COO and the man who responsible for our genetic archive.

Our team was carefully built based on experience, professional and scientific knowledge, and long experience, hand on with the cannabis plant our team includes, among others, Mr. Manny da Silva, the 57-year-old, Manny is a well-known breeder and craft grower in Canada.